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13 Jul 2017
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Industrial lighting, commercial lighting, and office lighting


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Posted By Sylvester B.

Anyone that owns a business knows how difficult it can be to keep profits up and losses down. Reducing costs anywhere possible will definitely help. Many people think of cheaper suppliers and free shipping to reduce costs, but what about things like office lighting? Not many people think of that when it comes to reducing costs.

The cost of industrial lighting is so much more than you would think. Old fashioned tube lighting and halogen bulbs are expensive, even if you buy them in bulk. They also burn out on a regular basis and need to be changed. Worst of all, it takes a lot of energy to power them and they emit carbon into the environment.

In a world that is trying to reduce our carbon footprint, this is not a good thing. Many old industrial lighting bulb types also contain mercury. Mercury is a toxic substance that has to be disposed of properly so it does not leak into the ground. Mercury leakage contaminates soil and water sources, making it unusable.

If you want to make your business more environmentally friendly as well as reduce your costs, you should consider upgrading your commercial lighting. One of the more popular options is to convert your current lighting system to a new LED lighting system. There are many different ways to do this.

You will first need to find a company that specializes in LED office lighting. They will have to come out to your facility and do a complete evaluation. They will assess all of your lighting needs and come up with suggestions on ways to improve. They will also be able to give you a price quote on the upgrade.

In most cases, your existing commercial lighting fixtures and wiring can be reused. In fact, most of it will be left right in place. That is unless you opt for a more radical change. In this case, there will be many more changes needed, including updated wiring, fixtures, and energy saving light sensors. These keep the lights off until someone comes into the room.

Some of the upgrades will also find ways to increase natural light in your office space. Any light you can use from outside to light your office will certainly save on your lighting costs. By converting your office lighting to LED lighting, you will save money on several levels.

First, you will save money on the cost of the bulbs. You will also save on labor costs to have people replace the lights. On average, LED commercial lighting lasts for more than ten years. Can you imagine not changing light bulbs for ten years? The overall savings is around 85%. That sounds like a lot more profit for your business with one little change.

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By Timmy V. on JUL 17 2017 @ 2:03PM

I've had the same CFLs running for over 10 years now without ever needing a change.

By Owen B. on JUL 17 2017 @ 9:21AM

With any lights, just make sure to turn them off when they're not used and you'll save a bundle.

By Van H. on JUL 16 2017 @ 3:21PM

I don't just use LEDs at the office, but at home too.

By Willard J. on JUL 16 2017 @ 1:08PM

Depending on the size of your office, this can really make a big difference.

By Nina B. on JUL 16 2017 @ 11:14AM

Do they make these with different shades of light? The ones I've seen always seem to have a bluish color to them, which I'm not crazy about.

By Scotty B. on JUL 15 2017 @ 1:00PM

I didn't realize how cheap these have gotten.

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